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About us

The Club having been founded at the beginning of the 60s, the same time as the Euratom research centre, now the Joint Research Centre (JRC), when the original members, wives of the first Commission employees in Ispra, started to meet and organise a club for to socialize and integrate.
The Club today has about 700 members from different countries, linked to the JRC, the European School of Varese and the territory and organizes cultural and recreational activities for to promote the integration and socialization.
The Club Europeo is an officially registered association with a statute approved on 9th March 1999 by the General Assembly of its members.
Its registered office is registered in the C.C.R. of Ispra, Via Esperia, c/o Club House.

It's mission

The Club was founded to promote integration and to foster social contact of members of different nationalities, cultures and languages.
To this end, the Club develops a range of activities, both cultural and recreational, to provide opportunities for contact and integration.
The Club's activities are in no way influenced by politics, religion or race.
The Club's activities are never organised on a profit-making.

Club activities

The Club organises:
  • Language courses
  • Cultural and social meetings
  • Conferences, Presentations, Seminars
  • Trips and excursions to places of historical-cultural interest, exhibitions, etc.
  • Theater, Concerts, Musicals, etc.
  • Cultural and recreational activities for adults and children
The Club is Supporter of Milano per la Scala 'Opera, Concerti e Balletto' and participates in General and Ensemble Trials and Children's Shows at the Teatro Alla Scala.
The activities are pubblished on our website and on the bulletin boards of the Club House, and send them to members via email.

New ideas for courses of any kind are also welcome!


Following the decisions approved during the Ordinary Meeting, the composition of the Executive Committee is now as follows:

Name Function
Adele Di Donato President
Annie Perraud Vice-president
Iliyan Petrov Treasurer
Ana Marin Canet Councillor
Annalisa Masi Councillor
Corina Ciupagea Councillor
Eszter Benczùrné Councillor
Nicola Varano Councillor
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Internal Rules

The Internal Rules of Club Europeo.



The Statute of Club Europeo.


Last Assembly

The Last Assembly of Club Europeo.