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Enrolment at the Club Europeo Ispra

In order to participate in any course or activity you will have to be a registered member for year 2019-20. The membership card is valid for one year (September to August).

The enrollments can be made from:

· September 1, 2019 online by bank transfer (by sending an enrollment form, completed and signed, and a copy of the bank transfer via email:

· 17 September 2019 in the office with cash - before register online.

Member renewals can be done only until the end of the year (15th December), after this date any application will be considered as a new enrolment.

For new external members (linked to the JRC or to the European School) who will apply for club online, there will be a waiting list, respecting the COPAS regulations.

Members must pay the annual membership fee agreed by the Management Committee.
The membership fee has been set at € 35,00 (from 6 years old).

The membership card issued at the time of enrolment is regarded as proof of payment of the annual membership fee and permits the member to take part in all Club activities.

The club's activies follow the European School Calendar di Varese.

Members of the Club share, accept and follow the rules established in the Statute and the Regulations.

It's recommended that members carry always their membership card during all activities.

To subscribe for Club Europeo Ispra you must first register on the site:

For membership to the club you need to register to the web site first

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Internal Rules

The Internal Rules of Club Europeo.



The Statute of Club Europeo.


Last Assembly

The Last Assembly of Club Europeo.