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Tour through the streets of central Milan and visit of Palazzo Morando


of the

International day for the elimination of violence against women




"From Woman to Woman".

So Maria Gaetana Agnesi wrote in 1748 on the title page of her book "Analytical institutions for the use of Italian youth", sending it to Queen Maria Theresa of Austria.

A direct message, born from the thought of a woman who was able to cultivate her passion for mathematics by translating it into simpler language for a young audience. A message that recounts the need for a less selective and elitist disclosure, well received by a woman, an enlightened sovereign, who did her utmost to promote compulsory schooling from 6 to 12 years old.

We will be told about this and more in the tour through the streets of central Milan and VISIT OF PALAZZO MORANDO, to discover the female figures who have left their mark on the city.

And there were many:

Julia Beccaria

known for a long time only as a daughter (of the great Cesare) and mother (of the great Alessandro Manzoni). And she as a mother has been accused and criticized by the most. Only the latest research has reconstructed her real condition, as her daughter-victim of her father's avarice and ideological inconsistency, and as a mother dedicated to the genius of her "rediscovered" son to the point of cancelling her own personality.

Fernanda Wittgens

teacher, civil servant, art critic and art historian. The first female director of the Pinacoteca di Brera. A strong civil commitment, for which she exposed herself personally, in a conception of culture that is never separated from an idea of communion and human solidarity.

Sofonisba Anguissola

the first woman painter to experience genuine international fame. What made this woman capable of overcoming the barriers of time and space, gaining a place of honour in the pages of art books? How did she manage to overcome the social and cultural prejudices of her era, rising above many male artists?

Marianne de Leyva

the famous "Nun of Monza". Forced there by Father Martino, Count of Monza, she pronounced her religious vows among the humiliated, assuming the name of Sister Virginia Maria. After the first slow and sad years, quick-witted and affectionate, she was chosen teacher of the boarders.

Clara Maffei

fragile and petite but sensitive, intelligent and cultured woman, animator of the famous literary, artistic and political salon of the 19th century, in which illustrious characters, men of letters, politicians, patriots, journalists, writers passed, such as Visconti Venosta, Nievo, Boito, Prague, Tenca, Capuana, De Sanctis, Anti-Austrian and liberal, she espoused the cause of liberalism and supported the anti-Austrian conspiracy.

Christina of Belgiojoso Trivulzio

very famous in life thanks to her contribution to the cause of the unification of Italy. She associates with the patriots, and feeling threatened, she runs away first to Switzerland, then to France. She founded a kindergarten for poor children, praised by the great pedagogist Ferrante Aporti. In France she had appreciated the ideas of Charles Fourier's utopian socialism and she created schools for boys and girls, as well as forms of welfare for the peasants.

the singers of the Teatro alla Scala


to finish with Lydia Caprara who will host us in the rooms of her home, now Palazzo Morando.


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